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TJ Miller, What’s your favorite sandwich?

Written by Biggie on March 29, 2016
TJ Miller Favorite sandwich.

TJ Miller, What’s your favorite sandwich?

T.J Miller is an actor, comedian, improviser,  juggler, and incredibly funny!

I was introduced to TJ on a show called Car Poolers. He played the son to one of the main characters  for 13 episodes and he was one of my favorite characters on the show.

I love that he plays all different types of characters. Usually some the funniest ones.

I’ve seen him on She’s Out of My League and he kept popping up on more tv shows and movies.

He was in Disney’s first animated comic book movie that was a huge success- Big Hero 6. This was not his first cartoon voice work he has lent his voice to. He has been the voices of other characters in cartoons- Gravity Falls (Robbie Valentino), High School USA! (Brad), and in How to Train your Dragon (TuffNut) movie franchise.

2016 has been a great year for TJ Miller. He is showing up everywhere. He is currently staring in the hilarious HBO series- Silicon Valley, a show I binged watched 2 seasons of and season 3 starts April 24th!  You may have seen him in commercials either telling folks about Smirnoff Vodka or talking it up with Shock Top’s Keg Tap mascot, Wedgehead.

He is also co-stared with Ryan Reynolds in one of the best comic book movies I’ve ever seen: Deadpool. The foul mouth mercenary had a friendship with Weasel and I am excited for its success and for its sequel.

I am so glad to be seeing more TJ Miller.

Besides just doing TV, movies, etc. He is also owns a fragrance line called Hot Trash Line, ironic luxury His newest new perfume Wet Garbage compliments his other scents: Hot Garbage, Warm Urine, Tranny Dumpster Sex, Heterosexual Dumpster Sex, Straight Dumpster Sex all available at Ironic Luxury 

Follow @NotTJMiller on twitter and check out his podcast: Cashing in with TJ Miller

About the sandwiches

99 miles to Philly is a cheesesteak place that is located in NYC.  They make Old Style cheesesteaks and have the Tasty Kakes to go along with it.  From reading Yelp reviews it sounds like if not in Philly and crave a cheesesteak.  Check them out.

Al’s Italian Beef is a Chicago Food Legend.  It’s started as food stand in 1938 and evolved to a brick and mortar locations.  The Italian Beef was created during the Great Depression.  Meat was scarce and the best way is to make it go a long way- slice it thinly and put it with good Italian Bread.  They take pride in using the same recipe and methods used since 1938 in their Italian Beef.

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