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SEIBEI’s make me a Sandwich

Written by Biggie on January 21, 2013
blue, shirt, SEIBEI

As you may have read in my 1st blog post- I wrote about who I was inspired by and one of the first shirts I bought was from SEIBEI.  As soon as I came across this shirt I knew I had to buy it.  You just can’t  go wrong with a dinosaur asking “Make me a Sandwich”.

If you are not familiar with who SEIBEI let me introduce you.  David Murray is the dungeon master behind the brand. When in college he went to study abroad in Japan and was asked by his professor to read a book called Seibei and the Gourd and felt he could relate to the SEIBEI character in the book.  When he came back from studying abroad in Japan he wanted to use the name in some capacity in his artwork.  David is original and puts out designs and products that are him.  He is someone who wants to do it his way and realizes that there are people out there that like/enjoy the same things as him.

One of the things I have learned from David is that he truly does what he loves and is always himself.  If you notice his designs don’t have the name SEIBEI plastered on them.  He knows if you do it right people will talk and other will hear about it and come and shop. You can tell the kind of support and following he has from the unfortunate incident of having his van, Beauford, stolen.  The van had thousands of dollars of his merchandise in it for a show he was going to attend.  Instead of just giving up he decided to use Kick Starter to get his brand back running again.  He originally had a Kickstarter goal of $9,000 and that would help him to be able to get his stuff up and running again.  Little did he know that there is a little of SEIBEI in all of us and the love and support flooded his Kickstarter campaign to the tune of him collecting over $30k.

David is a genuine person who I have asked many times for his thoughts and ideas. He and his fiancé Kate have moved themselves from NY to SF to VA and are building a brand that he is happy and proud of.  Check SEIBEI out here.