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Scott Modrzynski, What’s your favorite sandwich?

Written by Biggie on June 11, 2014
hero sandwich by SCOTT MODRZYNSKI

Before I started DeliFreshThreads.com, I posted anything sandwich related on Tumblr. I would find amazing images that I wanted fellow sandwich lovers to see. There were two particular paintings by Scott Modrzynski, AKA Mojo, I absolutely love. One of the pieces was Spiderman eating a burger/sandwich. The other piece of art was Mario and Luigi enjoying an Italian Hero. After seeing those two pieces I became a big fan of Mojo and his work.

Spider-bites by MojosWork       italianhero ny MojosWork

Scott Modrzynski is an interesting guy. He has worked as a Professional team mascot for various pro baseball teams and a NHL team in Jersey. He has worked with large branding firms and some freelance consulting. In the summers he will work as a beach lifeguard and in the evenings will moonlight as a marathon runner (his goal is to run 50 races in 50 states.) Of course to diversify himself he is also taking improv classes at UCB Theatre in NYC. As you can see he is a man of many talents.

One of his latest concepts is working with food to make art. He calls it Foogos (Food + Logos). It’s amazing what he has come up with.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Foogos by Mojo new_jersey_devils foogos by Mojo philadelphia_flyers Foogos by Mojo capshield foogos by Mojo

Mojo also has some great pieces of art that are very fun ranging from sports, superheroes, wrestling to nostalgic iconic characters (Muppets and Sesame Street) ranging from prints, watercolors to acrylics.

I am so glad I found his art and am able to let others know about him. You can follow @MojosWork on twitter , Facebook and of course his websites, Foo-gos.com. You can of course pick up some of his art at his Etsy store.  

Side item:

Check out this Philadelphia Cheesesteak cap he submitted recently to TheClinkRoom: