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A scientific look to Structural Integrity

Written by Biggie on August 27, 2013

I have written about Structural Integrity before (click here to read it) but looks like Nick Evershed from TheGuardian.com took it a step further and actually correlated between the number of sandwich ingredients and the structural integrity of the sandwich.  He did a survey on the site: TheGuardian.com and asked people “Do more ingredients make a tastier sandwich?”  They filled out a short form and based his finding on the 348 responses he received.

His finding did come up with the more ingredients in the sandwich the weaker the structural integrity of the sandwich

Click HERE to read more about Nick’s research and results.  Find out how many ingredients you can have and still have structural integrity.  Check out what the 2 most popular ingredients were in those sandwiches he surveyed? (Would make for a tasty sandwich)



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