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Sandwiches in the Milk District

Written by Biggie on January 11, 2019
Sandwiches in the Milk District of Orlando, FL


Sandwiches in the Milk District are the best!  National Milk Day is on January 11th.  For most, it would end at “Oh it’s Milk Day” – but to me, when I think Milk and it leads me to the Milk District in Orlando, FL and all the great sandwich spots they have there (yes that is how my brain always goes back to sandwiches).

I love the Milk District- I did my 50th SandwichEatUp there and we did a walking tour and hit up 4 sandwich spots- Bad As’s Sandwich, Pom Pom’s Teahouse and Sandwicheria, Stasio’s Italian Deli, and then Beefy King.

This time I wanted to share with you a few more sandwich shops (and there are still a few more to check out).  I will be actually doing my next #SandwichEatUp event at one of their newest locations that just opened up in that area.  You should come out to À La Cart Orlando on Tuesday, January 22nd 6-8pm– get more details here.

Check out the video- make sure to subscribe, comment and share.  Hope to share more sandwich videos with you throughout 2019.