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#SandwichEatUp- #17- April 2015- King Cajun Crawfish

Written by Biggie on April 13, 2015
shrimp po boy sandwich in a red basket from King Cajun Crawfish

Years ago I use to love this Po’Boy place on SandLake Road many years ago called Jockamos.  It closed years ago and I missed the flavors from that place.

I’ve been searching for awhile to find a place like Jockamos and I asked some Orlando Food Bloggers about their favorite place to get a Po’Boy and they all lead me to King Cajun Crawfish.

April’s #SandwichEatUp will be at King Cajun Crawfish on Thursday, April 30th from 6:30-8:30pm.

King Cajun Crawfish is located on Mills 50 at 914 N. Mills Ave., Orlando (between Weber and Marks Streets)

King Cajun Crawfish was founded in 2010 via New Orleans via Vietnam.  Their owner Ha Nguyen had lived in Louisiana and knew the cuisine well.  She decided it would be a great opportunity to bring those Louisiana flavors to the Mills 50 area in Orlando.

Here is what Yelpers are saying about King Cajun Crawfish

King Cajun Crawfish
914 N. Mills Ave., Orlando

Here is a link to the Facebook, Yelp or Google+ event.

What is a #SandwichEatUp? Find out more HERE

Any one can attend a #SandwichEatUps- you just have to enjoy sandwiches and meeting new people.

I hope we get the chance to meet and enjoy a sandwich together.

If you check out DeliFreshThreads.com and are interested in buying something from my site- use the code: SHOPLOCAL and get free shipping and I can hand deliver your order to you at King Cajun Crawfish of Orlando!

Please share this event with your friends and lets meet up and eat!

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