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#SandwichEatUp – #43- AJ’s Press

Written by Biggie on February 26, 2018

On March 31st, 2018 we are headed to AJ’s Press in Longwood, FL for a #SandwichEatUp. AJ’s Press is a local, family-owned business in Longwood, Florida serving warm pressed sandwiches, soups, pressed breakfast sandwiches, bowls, and great coffee. The sandwiches are made with slow roasted meats and they use fresh Bolillo and Telera bread.

Bread is an integral part of any sandwich.  AJ’s Press uses fresh bolillo and telera bread.  Picture a flatter, squarer version of baguettes that they get from a local Mexican restaurant. This is also the same bread of choice for Mexican tortas.  A torta is a Mexican sandwich; tacos are not sandwiches- Tortas are!  They use 2 different rolls because they offer 2 different sizes in their sandwich selection.  For their regular Sandwich, it is pressed on a locally baked, fresh “Bolillo” roll. Their Larger sandwiches, use a locally baked, fresh “Telera” roll is about 50% larger.

There is an original AJ’s Press and it is located in Tampa and in 2017 it was rated 4th on Yelp’s Top 100 Places to Eat in 2017.  I am happy that Andy and his family brought AJ’s Press to Central Florida and I don’t have to drive to Tampa to enjoy these sandwiches.

I had several friends recommend AJ’s Press to me and read excellent reviews on social media. I had the chance to meet Andy and his family and they were so welcoming and sweet.  They also are making some delicious sandwiches out of their kitchen.  Talk about Tasty Eats!

Here is their Menu

All their sandwiches are delicious but their top sellers are:

Crunchy Chicken

Beer Braised Brisket Press

AJ’s Cuban

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What’s a #SandwichEatUp?

If you have not attended one of the many Deli Fresh Threads #SandwichEatUp events you may be wondering what is a #SandwichEatUp? Well, it’s a monthly sandwich meet up where anyone that enjoys a good sandwich can meet and try a new place along with others. Each month, I try to pick a sandwich shop that is not a chain, that I enjoy in the Central Florida area and we all meet up and help support another small business that makes great sandwiches. I usually do them after work on a weeknight or weekend (usually a slow night for a business and it makes easier to accommodate all of us).

I hope you can come out and enjoy a sandwich with us.

If you check out DeliFreshThreads and are interested in buying something from my site use the code: SHOPLOCAL and get free shipping and I can hand deliver your order to you at the #SandwichEatUp!

Anyone can attend a #SandwichEatUps- you just have to enjoy sandwiches and meeting new people.

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