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#SandwichEatUp – #34 – The COOP

Written by Biggie on January 31, 2017
The COOP_SandwichEatUp_January_2017

Happy 2017 everyone!  I was thinking back to all my SandwichEatUp events and one of the best attended  was at The COOP!  I get a lot of love from business owners for doing my events at their establishments.  It was a special treat when we visited The COOP in August 2015, and John Rivers was there to greet us and brought out some amazing menu items to try.

If you follow me on Instagram – you know I love a good Chicken Biscuit.  I thought it was time to head back to The COOP for some southern comfort food in the form of a sandwich.

The COOP is a Southern Affair that makes you feel like you are going to eat at Grandma’s House. It is actually designed like you are in a house with a dining room and a porch. All the tables look like a dining room table from Grandma’s house. They even encourage family style seating.

The COOP opened in 2014 and comes from the owner and chef of 4 Rivers Smokehouse, John Rivers.   The food at the COOP is made from scratch daily. John Rivers uses family recipes to create iconic comfort food with seasonal fresh ingredients.  Since our #SandwichEatUp – John Rivers has hired on another chef, Whitney Miller to help collaborate with to create new menu items.  

Here is what Yelpers are saying about The COOP

Here is the Sandwich Menu at The COOP.

Some Orlando Food Bloggers wrote about this tasty place:


Tasty Chomps

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610 W Morse Blvd
Winter Park, FL 32789

Here is a link to the Facebook and our Yelp event.

What is a #SandwichEatUp?

Well it’s a monthly sandwich meet up where anyone that enjoys a good sandwich can meet and try a new place along with others. Each month, I try to pick a sandwich shop that is not a chain, that I enjoy in the Central Florida area and we all meet up and help support another small business that makes great sandwiches. I usually do them after work on a weeknight (usually a slow night for a business and it makes easier to accommodate all of us). I have done over 33 of them.  You can read more HERE

Any one can attend a #SandwichEatUps- you just have to enjoy sandwiches and meeting new people.

Check out some of the places we have had #SandwichEatUp events at HERE.

I hope we get the chance to meet and enjoy a sandwich together.

If you check out DeliFreshThreads.com and are interested in buying something from my site- use the code: SHOPLOCAL and get free shipping and I can hand deliver your order to you at The COOP!

Please share this event with your friends and lets meet up and eat!

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