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#SandwichEatUp – #33 – National Sandwich Day at Lucky’s Market

Written by Biggie on October 27, 2016
Lucky's Market Orlando SandwichEatUp

My favorite holiday is right around the corner.  Yes, there is a day dedicated to the one and only King of Meals….the sandwich!  National Sandwich Day is  November 3rd, 2016 !  I want to celebrate this holiday with everyone so this year we will be doing something a little different for this #SandwichEatUp.

We are heading to Lucky’s Market on Thursday, November 3rd from 6-8pm.

Lucky’s Market

11750 East Colonial Drive

Orlando, FL 32817

I typically don’t host #SandwichEatUp’s at n chains or franchises, but Lucky’s Market in Orlando is the only one in Central Florida and I am a big fan of what Lucky’s Market does.  They support local vendors in the products they offer.  Their deli meats are roasted and smoked right in their store, and sliced to order.   Their bacon is smoked in house and its THE BEST bacon I’ve ever had.

Check out their Craft Sandwich MENU in their Kitchen.

You may be asking me what are some other things I love about Lucky’s besides their sandwiches?

  • They serve beer and wine for you to enjoy while you grocery shop.
  • On Thursday’s, the night of our #SandwichEatUp is also their Double Ad Day so sales from that week’s ad & last week’s ad overlap every Thursday so Double the number of sales.
  • Their Private label items – when you buy their private label products 10% of the profits from those are reinvented back into the community.
  • If you use reusable bags- you get wooden token worth 10 cents that you can then donate to the various local charitable organizations.
  • Did I mention I love their bacon?

Here is the Facebook & Yelp Event to RSVP!

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Shop Local; Shop at DeliFreshThreads.com

Shop Local; Shop at DeliFreshThreads.com

What’s a #SandwichEatUp?

If you have not attended one of my 32 other #SandwichEatUp events you may be wondering what is a #SandwichEatUp? Well it’s a monthly sandwich meet up where anyone that enjoys a good sandwich can meet and try a new place along with others. Each month, I try to pick a sandwich shop that is not a chain, that I enjoy in the Central Florida area and we all meet up and help support another small business that makes great sandwiches. I usually do them after work on a week night (usually on a slow night for a business and it makes easier to accommodate all of us).

I hope you can come out and enjoy a sandwich with us on Thursday, November 3rd at Lucky’s Market.

If you check out Deli Fresh Threads and are interested in buying something from my site use the code: SHOPLOCAL and get free shipping and I can hand deliver your order to you at the #SandwichEatUp