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#SandwichEatUp #27- Brianto’s (Waterford Lakes)- March 2016

Written by Biggie on February 19, 2016
Deli Fresh Threads #SandwichEatUp Brianto's March 22nd


#SandwichEatUp #27 will be on Tuesday, March 22nd from 6-8pm and we be eating at Brianto’s Original Hoagies.  Brianto’s serves up Hoagies and authentic style Philadelphia Cheesesteaks. I’ve been going to Brianto’s since 2007 when they opened in Avalon Park.  I was excited to hear they recently were opening a new 2nd location closer to me in Waterford Lakes.

Brianto’s imports all their products from Philadelphia, so they can duplicate that Philadelphia Cheesesteak taste. Take a look at their Menu

I featured Brianto’s as one of my favorite sandwich shops in Orlando on TastyChomps.com.

Check out their Yelp reviews – Brianto’s has over 120 reviews and 4.5 stars rating!

Brianto’s is located at 12789 Waterford Lake Parkway, Orlando, Florida 32828.

Feel free to RSVP and share with your friends via Facebook or Yelp Event pages.

Please wear your Deli Fresh Threads shirts at any of my #SandwichEatUp events.

What’s a #SandwichEatUp?

If you have not attended one of my 26 other #SandwichEatUp events you may be wondering what is a #SandwichEatUp? Well it’s a monthly sandwich meet up where anyone that enjoys a good sandwich can meet and try a new place along with others. Each month, I try to pick a sandwich shop that is not a chain, that I enjoy in the Central Florida area and we all meet up and help support another small business that makes great sandwiches. I usually do them after work on a Monday or Tuesday night (usually a slow night for a business and it makes easier to accommodate all of us).

I hope you can come out and enjoy a sandwich with us on March 22nd at Brianto’s.

If you check out Deli Fresh Threads and are interested in buying something from my site (like a Hoagie or a Cheesesteak shirt) use the code: SHOPLOCAL and get free shipping and I can hand deliver your order to you at Brianto’s!

Want to get social with @Briantos? Check him out on twitter or Facebook or check out their website.

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