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#SandwichEatUp #2 – HotKrust

Written by Biggie on November 12, 2013

#SandwichEatUp #2 is on November 19th at HotKrust.  HotKrust is located on Turkey Lake Rd near the Whole Foods near Sand Lake Rd in Orlando, FL.  Evan and his staff  take pride in the quality and freshly roasted meats they serve in their paninis. Even his wings and fries are baked not fried. HotKrust was voted one of the best new restaurants in 2013 by South West Bullentin. I think you will enjoy HotKrust.

Take a look at their Fresh Panini Menu

Here is what Yelpers are saying about this place: HotKrust 

I actually featured HotKrust as one of my favorite sandwich shops in Orlando on TastyChomps.com

This #SandwichEatUp will be from 6-8pm.  I will be there the whole time so if you can’t make it at 6pm that is fine.  Come on in and support a small business and enjoy a tasty sandwich and lets hang out

Meat Lovers Paradise from HotKrust


Want to attend? You can just come on by or give us a heads up and let us know on either of our event pages:


Hope to see you at HotKrust 8015 Turkey Lake Rd, Set 200, Orlando, FL 32819

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