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Structural Integrity

Written by Biggie on February 18, 2013

Have you ever eaten a sandwich and it just starts to fall apart? The next thing you know you’re eating just the filling and two little pieces of bread are left right under your fingers and nothing else?  That is why what you use to hold the filling of your sandwich can be just as important as your filling.

Structural Integrity is key!

Structural Integrity is important. Whether you are building a bridge or making a sandwich using cookies, brownies, waffles, bread, etc.  If you can’t hold the filling then you’re not eating a sandwich; your just eating the filling. Dr. Steve Roberts of the University of Oxford has defined structural integrity as: “the science and technology of the margin between safety and disaster,” Which in Ssndwich terms means it’s the science of making a good sandwich that holds up when eating.  Or else it is just a pretty sandwich that falls apart while eating and become something you scoop up and eat with a fork.

It’s amazing how picking a “good” bread can really take your sandwich to a whole different level.  It can add a unique texture and taste.  That is why deciding on the right bread is so important.  Some breads are crusty and chewy and some are soft and absorbent. You can change the bread by just toasting it or pressing it on a plancha or Panini maker.

Would you have a chicken parm sandwich on soft white bread? No because it would not hold up and there is a great chance that the white bread will disintegrate and get soggy while you are eating it. Look at your options on what bread is available before making that sandwich.

In the end you have to pick something that will hold the filling inside so you can truly enjoy your sandwich without it becoming a salad in your hand.