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Sandwich Showdown FINAL- VOTE NOW!

Written by Biggie on April 12, 2014
Sandwich Showdown Final

After many weeks, we have come to the final match up of Sandwich Showdown.

2 great sandwiches face-off  on becoming the 2014 Sandwich Showdown Champion!!

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Grilled Cheese– a cheese sandwich grilled (photo courtesy of bon appetit)

Cheesesteak- sandwich made from strips of steak and cheese (Provolone or Cheese whiz), sometimes with peppers and onions on a Amoroso Roll. (Photo courtesy of me)

Voting ends on Friday, April 18th

You can actually take your voting to the next level by buying them!  Click on the shirt and shop.

Don’t forget I have a ThankYou discount code- good for 15% off this week.


Grilled Cheese


In Grilled Cheese I Trust




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