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Sandwich Quote T-shirt

Written by Biggie on June 7, 2016
Sandwich Quote T-shirt Female in black shirt.

I research a lot of information when it comes to sandwiches and I love a good sandwich quote.  One of the best Sandwich Quotes is a James Beard quote- “Too few people understand a really good sandwich” I couldn’t agree more with this quote.  Anyone can make a sandwich, but not everyone can make a great sandwich. I feel that everyone deserves to enjoy a good sandwich.  That is why I do my #SandwichEatUp events so people can come try out local sandwich shops they may not have ever tried or taken a chance on.

I worked with my friend Alex aka Friks84 again who worked with me on my PB&J Shirt design.  I love his typography and wanted to use his skills to bring this quote to life.  I thought that a bread slice is the foundation to a good sandwich.   I didn’t want any bread slice on this shirt, I wanted one the shape of Biggie Bread.  That slice was perfect to hold such a great sandwich quote.

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