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Sandwich Parade

Written by Biggie on May 20, 2013

I’ve been fortunate to work with Lain Lee III during the beginning process of starting Deli Fresh Threads.  It is always great to have a good communication flow with someone that understands your vision and what you are trying to do.  As I was bouncing branding/logo ideas back and forth with Lain, he drew a toothpick flag and I mentioned to him it looked like a Drum Majors staff and I could see a sandwich holding it like in a parade.  He got inspired and a little bit later emailed me the design for Sandwich Parade.

I loved it and I actually wanted to get it printed on the 1st series of shirts.  I did make Sandwich Parade into a chip (button).  However I decided not to get it printed on my 1st release and I did not want to over extend myself and my budget.

I have a 4 year old daughter and I knew I wanted to do kid shirts with the brand.  So this is a great intro into the kid’s shirts.  I have a bunch of designs that I think will be great as kids or adult so be on the lookout.

I went with the light blue shirt since I thought it goes well for both boys or girls and makes the colors pop well on the design. It is also great color for the Summer!  I hope parents and kids enjoy the design.  The whole idea of eating a sandwich is like a parade- the float (the sandwich on a plate), the music (the sound you make after taking a bite of a good sandwich), the Joy (of eating a sandwich!).

As always great work by Lain Lee III.

You can now buy Sandwich Parade at the virtual DeliShop.

 Side Item:

Here is the kid sizing chart:

 Kid Sizing Chart