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Sandwich News #9

Written by Biggie on January 2, 2017
Sandwich News picture by D Ricky Rodriguez


In Wyoming- Half eaten PB&J Sandwich leads to his arrest for 6 robberies. UPI reports that the “PB&J burglar” in Wyoming who did 6 robberies was caught thanks to his DNA.

In NJ, a sandwich Assault and Splattery happened when a Delivery man gets a sandwich thrown at him and smeared on his windshield.  NJ.com reports that a delivery man was told “to get rid of the change” and he threw it on the customers driveway. At that point the customer threw the sandwich at the delivery man and speared the sandwich on his car.

Temple University breaks world record for PB&J sandwiches– From the PhillyVoice- 49,100 sandwiches in one hour being a made and a new Guinness Book of World Record.  Best part is the sandwiches went to 15 food shelters.

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