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Sandwich News 6

Written by Biggie on May 27, 2015
Sandwich News picture by D Ricky Rodriguez

I love reading about odd news stories especially if they involve sandwiches. I thought it would be fun to share some of the ones I find in Sandwich News.

This just in….

Pop Up Restaurant parachutes sandwiches to its customers. Jafflechutes is an Australian Sandwich shop that sells sandwiches online.  You pick the time and day and the sandwich.  Then go to the disclosed location stand on the “X” and get served. See more:

Fish Sandwiches causes Two members of a ‘fish mafia’ to be jailed over sandwich war.  Due to the amount of sales Boaters make in selling fish sandwiches to folks in Germany.  Organized Criminals wanted to be part of the action and led to a “fish mafia” where they try to take each other out.

Fish Fight gotten from

Speaking of Fish Sandwich…  Do you hear about the Baltimore Traffic News Guy, Traffic Jam Jimmy was caught on live morning television ordering a Fish Sandwich when he was suppose to be reporting the news.  Now you may say a fish sandwich for breakfast but when you do morning news you are up a bunch of hours before anyone else is.

Man uses kebab sandwich to ‘plug’ his own slashed throat – In England this guy got throat slashed and used the kebab stick to close up the neck wound he had.  The sandwich saved his life.

Kebab Sandwich photo taken by AP Gero Breloer

(Photo AP/Gero Breloer)

P.B. Jams owner sees someone going through his dumpsters.  Leaves them a message  to come in for a meal. In Oklahoma City- Ashley Jiron, the owner of P. B. Jams saw that someone had been going through their trash to feed themselves and she left them a note on their front door and invited them in for a meal and a drink at no charge.

PB Jams Oklahoma City sign good deed

Photo from P.B. Jams

Study Shows Grilled Cheese Lovers Get Laid A LOT More Than Normal – Saw this on FoodBeast– a survey was done by Skout before National Grilled Cheese Day and Grilled Cheese lovers are very loving in and out of the bedroom. In Grilled Cheese I Trust!

Grilled Cheese sandwich t-shirt