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Sandwich News 2

Written by Biggie on February 16, 2014
Sandwich News picture by D Ricky Rodriguez

Found some more fun odd Sandwich News to share.

This just in…..

BaconSwagFL bacon

Woman shot into McDonald’s due to missing bacon– as reported by UPI.com. I love bacon, but not as much as Shaneka Torres who shot up a McDonalds because she did not get bacon on her sandwich. (Bacon photo from @BaconSwagFL)

Sandwich stopping bus driver

Hungry bus driver pulls over for sandwich-as reported on Mirror. A bus driver in Britain allegedly pulled over with a bus filled with passengers to get himself a sandwich.  If I was Gregg’s bakery- I make a commercial- “Sandwiches so good you’d pull over for it” (bus driver photo by Tom Duncan)


Conn. man calls 911 over beef about sandwich order– as reported by the WV Gazette.  A man angry that a deli had messed up his sandwich order decided to take his beef to the police. He “specifically asked for little turkey and little ham, a lot of cheese and a lot of mayonnaise,” Maybe next time he can just ask them to solve the problem rather than call the cops.

 Burglar pic from iStockphoto

Burglar Makes Sandwich, Takes Towel Rackas reported by MonroeNews.com.  A burglar reportedly made a sandwich and stole a $25 towel rack from a home.  Love to know what they were gonna do with the towel rack.  Maybe its for their kitchen and they can use it for their paper towels? (photo from iStockphoto)

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