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Sandwich Eaters Club

Written by Biggie on March 26, 2013

Business cards are important for a brand and business owners. A business card tells others about your business and it should give customers a small glimpse of what your brand is about.  I know in social media society we do so much via phones and mobile devices and we are becoming a paperless society.  People are carrying less in their wallets or pursues in this digital age.   I originally wanted my business cards to be small cocktail napkins.  However I also knew I wanted my card to be two things- informative about my brand and also something that you would want to hold on to and be a part of.  (A napkin would be hard to keep).

One of the reasons I love sandwiches is because anyone can have and enjoy one.  I thought about it and realized that everyone is part of a club, a Sandwich Eaters Club.  It’s kind of like guy having a “Man Card” with no card.  So I decided to change that.  I wanted to create a card that would bring you back to the days where you would sign this card that made you part of a club.

Living in Orlando, FL – Disney World is the land of the mouse and of experience. Doing research I saw that Disneyland use to have Membership cards for you to sign and be part of Walt’s world.  I want to create something like that.  I wanted to create an inclusive group that we are all already a part of and give it a name and have a membership card (maybe even a t-shirt); a Sandwich community.

My cards are printed so that I can hand number each card and be able to provide people with their own membership number.  There is only 1 of your number.

I have a vision of where I would love for this card to become but for now I want it to be something people will sign and carry and be proud that they are part of it. Also maybe brag to others that they are part of this club.

So if you have my business card/Sandwich Eaters Club card- sign your card and take a picture with it and be part of the club.  I have some that have already are showing off their cards. Click here to view my album.

What do you think of this idea?

The Sandwich Eaters Club card- Biggie number 1

Sandwich Eaters Club card #1- Biggie