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Rob Riggle, What’s your favorite sandwich?

Written by Biggie on January 7, 2015
Rob Riggle

Rob Riggle knows his trademark and does it well. He usually plays the aggressive, loudmouth characters.

On tv I’ve enjoyed Rob during his time on the Daily Show 2006 and always enjoy seeing him on Sunday on Fox during their NFL pregame show. Of course he is always a bonus if I see him as Gil Thorpe on Modern Family or recently as Bethesda on The League.

Whether you have seen him in movies like- The HangOver “In the FACE”, The Other Guys, the Lorax, 21 & 22 Jump Street, The Internship, etc you know and remember Rob Riggle. The guy just makes me laugh whenever I see or hear him.

During my research on Rob I found out that he is combat vetran having served in Liberia, Kosovo and Afghanistan, earning over 19 medals and ribbons. He has always been passionate about comedy but during his 23 serving he kept it in check. When he retired he decided to follow something he loved and took a shot at it. A shot we are all happy he has.

You can follow @RobRiggle on twitter and of course make sure to see him in any movie he is in.

Check out his website too RobRiggle.com