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Reverend Dr. E, What’s your favorite Sandwich?

Written by Biggie on March 26, 2017
Carnival Magic cruise director, Reverend Dr. E

Let me preface this post by saying that I do not think a wrap, burrito, or a taco is a sandwich .  However, Dr. E did tell me he enjoyed as a kid- Peanut Butter & Honey on toasted bread sandwiches and I wanted to let folks know about Dr. E.

I just got back from a cruise aboard the Carnival Magic.  Before I even got on the ship I was getting texts about the cruise director, Dr E being the best cruise director they have ever had.

I’ve been on a few cruises and Dr. E did not disappoint at all!.

Regardless if you are 3 or 93 years old he will make sure you are having a good time.

After a few days on the ship I knew I needed to find out what his favorite sandwich was and I wanted to know more about him.

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Eversen Bevelle is from Atlanta, GA and he has been a cruise director for only 5 years.  What I found to be interesting was he had never been a cruise before he even took the job.  He actually had 2 separate friends come off cruise ships and contact him to tell him that he was meant to be a cruise director.  His friends were right.

He even made the Muster Station Drill enjoyable by doing different voices why we sat their waiting for his next character.  He did nightly music trivia where he had the atrium full to get their jam on.

Dr E. believes that no matter where you’re from or what language you speak, love and smiles are universal that’s why he shares them with everyone.  If you ever get a chance to meet him give the man a hug (he is hugger) and a smile.

I hope we see him again- since we just booked the same cruise in 2018!

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