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Real Thread- How to build a brand sandwich

Written by Biggie on February 19, 2013

I try to work with as many local businesses that make quality products as I can. I knew I wanted to work with a local printer because they are so important when it comes to your product- heck they make your product. I wanted to be able to create a relationship with them. I actually went and met with a dozen printers before I knew I had to work with Real Thread.

I wanted to use water based prints on my shirts and I wanted great customer service- something that Real Thread takes pride and excels in.

So if you are wondering who prints my shirts- it’s Real Thread.

I was asked by them to be a Guest blogger and write about branding. It meant a lot to me because I had only been opened a couple of months when they asked. I think they could tell the more I talked with them that I’m a bit obsessed in having everything tied together. If you have received a packed lunch from me I think you will agree and appreciate.

I like that Real Thread has a blog that uses all of their resources and knowledge from their customers and staff to help contribute to it – it’s nice to gain knowledge from others especially since I am always learning and trying to improve.

Real Thread Blog

Click on the pic above to read my guest blog post.

If you have printing needs give Real Thread a look at: RealThread.com and follow them on Instagram and @RealThread on twitter.