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Orlando Sentinel: Twisted or Traditional Orlando celebrates National Cuban Sandwich Day

Written by Biggie on August 23, 2020

As a sandwich lover you know I love when people think about me when it comes to sandwiches.  I love it, even more, when they include other great sandwich shops talking about sandwiches.

Thanks to A D Thompson – she included me in an article about Cuban Sandwiches (August 23rd) and celebrating National Cuban Sandwich Day in Orlando.

There are many great places to try – some traditional and some with their own twist but still delicious.

As I grow older (and possibly wiser) I feel like folks should enjoy food how they like it and its good to tweak and twist food to your style.  So yes there is a traditional way but that doesn’t mean your palet can enjoy a twisted or different version of a food.

Here is a link to the article.  Check out these great sandwich shops that have traditional and their version of a Cuban sandwich available.

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Miami Cuban sandwich t-shirt wore by guy.

Enjoy A Cuban sandwich from DeliFreshThreads