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Orlando Sentinel: Local ‘King of Sandwiches’ hosts ‘Eat Up’ event in Orlando

Written by Biggie on April 5, 2016

Kayla O’Brien works for the Orlando Sentinel documenting the personality of Central Florida.

During my last #SandwichEatUp event at Brianto’s we had a special visit by Kayla.  She interviewed some sandwich lovers that came out and then interviewed me while I enjoyed a good cheesesteak.

She did a great video and I appreciated her taking the time to speak with me and some of the folks that attended #SandwichEatUp.

I also loved how Kayla would describe a Biggie sandwich-  Take one slice of humor, a few dashes of passion and place it between two slices of Ciabatta bread. That’s how you make a “Biggie”.

Thank you to all those that come and drive over to where ever I do a #SandwichEatUp to enjoy a delicious sandwich. I love our sandwich eating community.

Thank you to Kayla O’Brien and OrlandoSentinel.com for coming out.  You can follow Kayla on twitter @KaylaOBrienTV and check her work on OrlandoSentinel.com

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Check out the Orlando Sentinel article and watch the video below:

Click the pic to read the article.

Orlando Sentinel article by Kayla O'Brien and #SandwichEatUp