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Orlando is the Sandwich Capital of the U.S.

Written by Biggie on February 12, 2018

According to Simon Rodgers, a Data Journalist and Data Editor at Google, article “What is the Pizza Capital of the US?” he ranked cities and counties by their most popular cuisine. In that research, Orlando is ranked as having the most visits to sandwich shops of any place in the United States.  Naming Orlando, Florida the Sandwich Capital of the US!

Most visited via Google Data Orlando the sandwich capital

Now you are probably asking how did they come up with these ranking.  Using Google Data and Google Location History they were able to quantify the cities where certain cuisines make up the highest percent of restaurant visits.  Of course, as I scrolled through the various food items of pizza, Mexican, steakhouses, looking for the sandwich –  I came across an amazing realization.  That the city where Deli Fresh Threads is headquartered and where I’ve done over 40 #SandwichEatUp events was listed as number 1!

Some may say have we may have helped in making this happen- if we did I am glad we could help.   We have some great sandwich shops – with more opening up in Orlando.

The article that Simon wrote had some fun items to research and interact with to see where the specific areas that had the most love for sandwich shops.

One graphic I found fascinating was the popularity of the sandwich shops across the U.S.- This map below is very similar to the map I have of where our Deli Fresh Threads orders come from as well.

The Popularity of the Sandwich Shop in the United States.

I was happy to see the Orlando Sentinel sharing the data that Simon Rodgers compiled and I think this accomplishment should be something the great sandwich shops of Central Florida should take much pride in and wear as a badge of accomplishment.  If Orlando had sucky sandwiches we wouldn’t be number 1.

So do you agree with Orlando, FL being the Sandwich Capital of the U.S?  If you live in Orlando, where is your favorite sandwich shop to visit?