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Orlando Makers Online

Written by Biggie on April 18, 2020

I hope you and your family are doing well. As you know this is a time more than ever where small businesses need your support and help.

I wanted to make you aware that a lot of the places in your neighborhood that are doing Carry Out and Curbside pickups.  Some even have specials to take home as well.  So please consider supporting your local restaurants and businesses.

In Orlando, you can take a look at all the places we have done #SandwichEatUp events HERE and consider supporting and visiting them.  You can also see a list our friend Amy Drew from the Orlando Sentinel made of additional restaurants open for delivery and carry out- HERE

There are many options for the weekend to go get out of the house and pick up some delicious food. If you pick up a sandwich… I’d love to see you show it off and let me know.

As a small business myself- I wanted to let you know about an online Makers Market that is happening every weekend comprised of Orlando Makers. It is called Orlando Makers Online.

Orlando Makers Online is comprised of over 60 local vendors who usually are selling every weekend at a farmers market or at an Indie Market in Central Florida.  Since those markets are not occurring.  An “Online Market” was created and the web page starts up every weekend from Saturday, 9 am to Sunday at 8 pm- showcasing vendors and special discounts posted on the OrlandoMarkersOnline.com site.

Deli Fresh Threads is part of this market and I wanted to make you aware of it since you believe in supporting local and supporting businesses like mine.

Of course, you can always shop at www.DeliFreshThreads.com

If you have any questions or thoughts- I can be contacted online and you can always reach me on social: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook , TikTok

Stay safe and keep enjoying sandwiches,

Deli Fresh Threads