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Orlandia Podcast Interview

Written by Biggie on April 14, 2015
Orlandia podcast an orlando podcast about the City Beautiful

Sean Blackburn is one of the hosts of Orlandia Podcast.  Orlandia Podcast wants to share the stories of the people and movements that are helping “Make Orlando” into what it will be known for in the years to come.

Sean heard me present at Florida BlogCon and reached out to me letting me know that he was starting his Orlandia podcast and wanted me to be one of his first interviews.   I was thrilled.

I meet up with Sean at Pom Pom’s Sandwicheria and Teahouse to talk over some sandwiches.  He had a great microphone setup.  We just sat down at the counter, ordered sandwiches and did the interview right there while we ate.  We spent time talking about Orlando, FL and I got to tell him about Deli Fresh Threads and my #SandwichEatUp events that I do around the city.

Take a listen and make sure to check out their Podcast.  They are telling folks about the people helping make the City Beautiful.

Listen to it HERE