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New Menu Item: Notorious Bread

Written by Biggie on May 21, 2019
Biggie Smalls and Deli Fresh Threads King of Meals shirt
Biggie of Deli Fresh Threads wearing Notorious Bread Shirt

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A new menu item has been added to Deli FreshThreads.com.  Biggie Bread believes that the sandwich is the King of Meals.  Every King has its crown.  It was time for Biggie Bread to lay claim to the throne and represent the Sandwich.

Working with Kyle Van Cleave of Wild Giant Studio and inspired with another iconic Biggie, we set out to show love to the King of Meals.

The Notorious Bread shirt is available now online and what better day to release it then on the day another Notorious one was born.  I love it when you call me Big SANDWICH!