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National Sandwich Day Sale!!!

Written by Biggie on November 3, 2013

The Sandwich is 251 years old today.  In honor of National Sandwich Day we are having our biggest sale of the year.

I picked the year 1762 as the year I established for Deli Fresh Threads, because it is the first written record of the word ”sandwich”.  It appeared in a journal written by English author, Edward Gibbons, after he saw two wealthy men eating cold meat and bread or sandwiches.

Today that very word is recognized as a national holiday.  How can something so old tastes so delicious!  I am glad that this Food Nation recognizes the Sandwich.

You can take 25% off your order using the code:


With the holidays quickly approaching, don’t miss this opportunity to get yourself, a loved one or a foodie friend some Deli Fresh Threads.  This sale will last 24 hours and will end at midnight on November 3rd.

Don’t be left hungry and order your Deli Fresh Threads HERE, NOW!

 Side Item:

For more information on the history of the sandwich click HERE.

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I am a sandwich eater and I wanted to create a brand that gave the King Of Meals the love that it deserves. Deli Fresh Threads is all about the sandwich. I hope you enjoy my brand and my site. Please say hi and tell me how you came across my brand.

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