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National Ice Cream Sandwich Day- #SandwichEatUp at Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream and Orlandough

Written by Biggie on July 25, 2018
Ice Cream Sandwich donut sandwich at kelly's Homemade Ice cream

August 2nd is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day.  I know of only one way to celebrate it … with an ICE CREAM SANDWICH #SandwichEatUp!

Come to celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich day on Thursday, August 2nd, as Deli Fresh Threads teams up with Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream and Orlandough.
Join us for this #SandwichEatUp at Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream on Thursday night, August 2nd from 6:30-8 pm.
Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream
3114 Corrine Drive
Orlando, FL 32803
This #SandwichEatUp is a little different since these ice cream doughnut sandwiches are PRE-SALE ONLY.  Kelly’s and Orlandough are letting you build your own Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwich with your choice of doughnut and ice cream! You’ll select your doughnut when placing your order online, and pick your ice cream flavor at Kelly’s.
In order to ensure your ice-cream donut sandwich go & purchase your ticket today!

Each Ice Cream Donut Sandwiches is $6.50.

Purchase your donuts through link HERE
These are the Donuts that Orlandough will have available to choose from:


 1. Oreo Brownie Donut (Great with Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie Ice Cream)
2. Birthday Cake Donut (Great with either Cookie Monster, Blondie, or Cake Batter Ice Cream)
3. Maple Pecan Donut (Great with Coffee Ice Cream)
4. Lemon Mint Donut (Great with Coconut Ice cream)


Order your Donuts now and come to celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day with Deli Fresh Threads, Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream, and Orlandough! I can’t think of a better summer #SandwichEatUp. 


Order Up this tee here.

What’s a Deli Fresh Threads #SandwichEatUp?

If you have not attended one of the many Deli Fresh Threads #SandwichEatUp events you may be wondering what is a #SandwichEatUp? Well, it’s a monthly sandwich meet up where anyone that enjoys a good sandwich can meet and try a new place along with other locals. Each month, I pick a non-chain sandwich shop that I enjoy in the Central Florida area and we all meet up and help support another small business that makes great sandwiches.

I hope you can come out and enjoy an ice cream donut sandwich with us!
Enjoy coffee with your ice cream donut sandwiches? Mercantile Coffee Co. will be selling their Cold Brew Nitro outside the shop!