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My Vacation- No internet for a week

Written by Biggie on March 31, 2015
St Thomas Ocean vacation picture from the Cruise ship

Hey everyone! Just got back from being a week away.

One of the hardest things to do when going on vacation is the idea of disconnecting.  Being away from the internet and running an online business is extremely difficult.  When you go on a cruise you are forcing yourself away from it all.

I may have an issue of always checking my phone and looking at twitter, Facebook, Instagram, email, etc.  I constantly try to engage with followers and others whenever I can.  I can’t stop and I enjoy it. My wife may say I may have a problem.

The best part about vacations like this- that it’s a forced social media unplug and what I hope is a creative recharge.  It also allows me to to spend time with my girls.  This is my daughters first cruise.  I can experience something that is pretty impressive- a massive hotel on a boat that takes you to places.  The getaway also provides me the chance to find the time to read books.  All things that you lack when your free time is consumed by trying to run a business.

Could I pay for the internet on the cruise of course but then I can’t enjoy the scenery and miss out on all the great activities the ship provides.  Then it’s not vacation.

It’s a good thing as a brand owner to get those recharge moments.  We tend to put a lot of pressures on ourself.  Also when you are a one person deli shop you pretty much have to let the website do it’s things and the orders will be waiting for you when you get back since Biggie Bread isn’t going to be filling your orders.

I hope that after a week of recharge I am ready to push into the rest of the year with DeliFreshThreads.

Hope you are all here with me for the ride ahead!!

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I am a sandwich eater and I wanted to create a brand that gave the King Of Meals the love that it deserves. Deli Fresh Threads is all about the sandwich. I hope you enjoy my brand and my site. Please say hi and tell me how you came across my brand.

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