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New Menu Item: Monster Sub

Written by Biggie on May 28, 2019
Godzilla Monster sandwich

I get ideas and concepts that float around in my head and I doodle them inside my notebooks as a brainstorm idea.  Some never make it out of the book and out of my head and others just happen and you are wearing them.

Monster Sub is an idea I have had in my head and in my book for some time now.  It was wasn’t until I went to Creative South and met Scott Brinkley, who crushed Ink Wars (2 time winner).  I loved his art style and he is just an awesom guy.  I told him what I was thinking and he totally saw my vision.  We Godzilla Monster sandwichstarted shooting back and forth ideas of a monster being hungry after destroying a city and making themselves a Monster Sub using building as bread, trees as lettuce and streets as slabs of bacon.

He did a fantastic job on this and what better time to release this than when the release of the King of the Monsters coming out in May 2019.

All Monsters get hungry from destroying a city- why not make yourself a Monster Sub!

Shop now and feed that monster appetite for Deli Fresh Threads.

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Scott & I when he won 2018 Ink Wars at Creative South