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Monique AntiSparkle, What’s your favorite sandwich?

Written by Biggie on February 26, 2014

I have met some very talented people in my quest to learn as much as possible about running a brand and developing my own. In Orlando there may not be a huge Indie brand community, but I will say that there is one local brand who has helped me tremendously-AntiSparkle. Monique is the owner and designer at Antisparkle. I believe I met Mo at an Orlando Arts Craft Festival and loved what she was doing with her brand. I told her I wanted to start something of my own and she offered to help if I needed any help along the way. Something I have taken advantage of many times along my journey.

She created her brand Antisparkle to help encourage and inspire others. She uses t-shirts and other accessories to fill the world with more positive messages. She also started a lifestyle blog, The Sparkle Collection, where she helps inspire, shares DIY tutorials, and helps find ways for you to take a chance and start chasing your own stars.

She has a great section on her AntiSparkle blog called Chase the Stars where she interviews people who are chasing their dreams and making them happen. She is sharing with others on how they did it in order to inspire us to do it ourselves.

Mo believes that we need to “live life for the living because we only have one shot at living this life fully”. I can’t agree with her more.

I value Monique’s friendship and love that she has a brand that shows a positive message that all can appreciate. She is always willing to help me and my brand and that is sometimes hard to find from other indie brand owners.

You can follow Monique @Antisparkle on twitter, Instagram and make sure to read her blog and shop at AntiSparkle.

Some of my favorite shirts she has made is Geek is Gangster and Keep Chasing the Stars and you are the bomb!

Side Item:

I have Grilled Cheese available to order at the Deli Shop.

Grilled Cheese Shirt



Monique has created a Visionary Journal you can use to help get those ideas into a reality! Check it out.

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