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Mo Rocca, What’s your favorite sandwich?

Written by Biggie on June 3, 2015
CBS promo shot of Mo Rocca host on CBS and Cooking Channel

There is a chance on a Sunday morning you may have seen Mo Rocca on CBS Sunday Morning. If you are into cooking shows, you probably have seen him on My Grandmother’s Ravioli on Cooking Channel. I actually 1st saw Mo on the Daily Show and also when my wife watches CBS Sunday Morning.

I have also seen Mo on Iron Chef and Food(ography).

I even recently saw him host a weekly show called Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation on CBS Saturdays.

He has been seen on VH1 and is a two time Emmy award winner due to his writing on The Tony Awards.

No one would ever say that Mo Rocca is pigeon holed into one world or genre- because Mo is involved in a little bit of everything and he likes it that way.

You can turn on your TV and probably see Mo on a channel but check out his funny show – My Grandmother’s Ravioli on Cooking Channel and also on Sunday have a cup of coffee and check him out on CBS Sunday Morning.

You can follow @MoRocca on twitter and watch him on CBS Sunday Morning, Cooking Channel’s My Grandmother’s Ravioli and CBS Innovation TV

About the Sandwich

Liverwurst sandwich  Simply Recipes

Liverwurst is an anglicization of German Leberwurst, meaning “liver sausage”. It is usually serves open faced and with red onion and mustard on rye or whole grain bread depending where in the country you live.

How do you like your Liverwurst sandwich?