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A Mediocre Time, What’s your favorite sandwich?

Written by Biggie on January 10, 2017

You may have read about my previous blog posts about Daniel Dennis. I had the opportunity to be part of his podcast A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan a few times, as well as their radio show, A Corporate Time on Real Radio 104.1.  Since I’ve asked Dan before I wanted to ask Tom Vann, Samantha Haar, and Ross McCoy what their favorite sandwich was.  I also know that sometimes your favorite sandwich may change.  Case in point I’ve asked them on twitter and also discussed it on the radio.

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I’ve been listening to Tom Vann since he was an intern on a talk radio show and got to hear his friendship with Daniel grow into the comedy duo they have come.  He is a funny guy who under all the jokes is actually Good at Business.

I am so proud of what Tom and Dan have created and the community of listeners they have. It is amazing what they have accomplished, first starting out as a fun Podcast 2009 and it has now evolved into T&D Media, working with Orlando City Soccer, and many other businesses and brands.

Tom and Dan can’t do it all alone and have many great people who help them out behind the scenes. Ross McCoy and Sam Haar are also a part of the show.

Ross McCoy is Orlando Weekly 2016 Orlando’s Best Local Comedian he also does a Tumbleweed Comedy

Samantha Haar does a fun Brunch with Samantha at various brunch spots in Central Florida and also plans these amazing BDM Takeovers at local Parks.

I have come to the conclusion from asking this question so often that people’s favorite sandwiches often change depending on when you ask them. Case in point with Tom and Dan’s favorite sandwiches.  You can hear my Sandwich discussion with Tom, Dan and Ross HERE 

For those wanting to know what Daniel Dennis new favorite sandwich is – its the Media Noche!

I am so happy to hear all their responses because I think I heard Subway was one of the responses when I first chatted with them.

I am very grateful for the support A Mediocre Time has given to Deli Fresh Threads

Follow TOMandDAN.com and you can follow them on twitter at: @TomVann @DanielDennis @ElRoss @IamThatSAM and also @AMediocreTime