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Maria Edible, What’s your favorite sandwich?

Written by Biggie on November 13, 2013

When someone says to you competitive eater what type of person do you imagine? Do you think of a beautiful woman or a model?  Well then you haven’t seen Maria Edible, the model and former female competitive eater.  I first learned about Maria on Yahoo! She was on an Eat Feat video showing everyone how to competitivly eat chicken wings.

I love that you would never expect her to be a competitive eater.  She appears like a fun, tattooed beautiful girl who wants to show people not to judge anyone by their outside appearance or what they eat.  She loves tattoos and enjoys a good meal.  In 2011 she entered her 1st competitive eating hot dog contest.  She competed for 2 years and has recently stopped competing this year.  She is still modeling professionally.  She works full time by day and models on the side.  I asked her if she had any food related tattoos and she mentioned she has a half sleeve tribute to diner food on her arm.

When Maria Edible was competing professionally her personal sandwich bests were:

  • 9 sandwiches in 10 min at the World Cheesesteak Eating Championship in Allentown, PA
  • 7.5 sandwiches in 10 min at the TooJay’s World Class Corned Beef Eating Championship in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Go check out and follow @MariaEdible on twitter, Facebook and check out her website: MariaEdible.com

 Side Item:

I asked Maria again what her favorite sandwich was and she has a new favorite.  She is no longer eating meat so she has some new favorites:

She also wrote for the NY Post recently about How competitive eating left her full of happiness.. Click HERE to read it.