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Make Me a Sandwich! Why it tastes better when they do.

Written by Biggie on September 12, 2013

I’ve heard the phrase “Make me a sandwich” and I’ve always thought the saying was sexist. However upon further review, asking someone to make you a sandwich is actually right. Do you ever notice that when someone makes you a sandwich it tastes better? Or when you take your time to make something and by the time you are done making it you aren’t really hungry for it?

There are actually a few reasons for that. I googled the topic and came across various different articles that make sense on why it tastes better when someone else make you a sandwich.

In one article by Jonathan Becher (@JBecher) “Why Do Sandwiches Taste Better When Someone Else Makes Them?”

He states that studies at Carnegie Mellon University show that extended exposure to a stimulus (the sandwich) decreases the physiological and behavioral responses (wanting to eat it).

Jonathan also found in the fourth annual Food and Drink issue of the NY Times magazine, a noted psychologist Daniel Kahneman explanation:

“When you make your own sandwich, you anticipate its taste as you’re working on it. And when you think of a particular food for a while, you become less hungry for it later. It’s a kind of specific satiation, just as most people find room for dessert when they couldn’t have another bite of their steak. The sandwich that another person prepares is not ‘preconsumed’ in the same way.”

The other article I read is from TheKitchn. They believe 3 factors come into play:

– The thought that food prepared by other people always tastes people.

– When you are cooking or making a sandwich; between the tasting, seasoning and inhaling all the aromas of cooking you don’t get that surprise when you take that 1st bite.

– It tastes better when Mom makes it. Cause it’s made with love.

I do think smell plays a factor. When you are making a sandwich you can smell all the ingredients and as you are assembling the sandwich your nose filters out smells that you are used to. That’s the reason why rooms stop smelling after a while. Once your nose gets use to the smell of the sandwich it begins to fade, the sandwich then starts to have fewer aromas, and will taste different.

So the next time someone asks you to make them a sandwich, help them by making them a tasty sandwich. Do you have other theories why Sandwich taste better when someone else makes you a sandwich?

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