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Maitland Ward, What’s your favorite sandwich?

Written by Biggie on July 1, 2015
Maitland Ward Baxter

Who remembers the show Boy Meets World?? Now raise your hand if you crush for Rachel and Topanga growing up!   The character Rachel McGuire was played by Maitland Ward.  The show was great and has actually spun off into a new Disney Channel show- Girl Meets World….yes Corey and Topanga have kids and the series continues!

Once Boy Meets World ended Maitland Ward continued to have roles various TV shows and movies such as “White Chicks” with the Wayans Brothers.

In 2006 she moved to New York and attended NYU to further her education. She then came back to LA and continued studying at UCLA for screenwriting. She has been doing that ever since.  She recently completed a screenplay about a washed up soap opera actress who will stop at nothing to get her career back.  She finds out her old fan club president (whose life she made miserable and nearly ruined) is now a big time Hollywood producer with a hot new show.  She decides to hunt him down so he will give her the lead role.  It’s a Bridesmaids style comedy with a dark comedic twist.  I hope we get to see this screenplay on the big screen.

Maitland is also very big into Cosplay!  She has tuned many heads at Conventions with her take on certain characters.  Check out her Instagram to see some of the awesome outfits she has worn .  Here is one of her as Princess Leia.

Maitland Ward as Starwars Princess Leia Slave

Maitland and I follow each other on twitter and she is very interactive and social which is great to see with celebrities and their fans.

When Maitland tweeted me back her sandwich response I knew I needed to send her a packed sandwich since I serve Hoagies and Grilled Cheese sandwiches on my Deli Fresh Threads site.

I was super excited that she posted many pics wearing her Hoagie shirt this past Memorial Day! So much it has become one of her most liked Instagram pictures on her IG feed!

Maitland Ward wearing a Hoagie Deli Fresh Threads

You can follow @MaitlandWard on twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

I look forward to seeing Maitland on the tv and big screen and hope to enjoy her screen writing work.

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