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Macheesmo, What’s your favorite sandwich?

Written by Biggie on April 30, 2014

This week I asked a friend and a Deli Fresh Threads fan, Clara Stanfield to guest blog post on “What’s your Favorite sandwich?” featuring Nick Evans aka Macheesmo, since she is a big fan and is friends with both of us.  Who better to write about someone that knows him.

Thanks Clara for taking the time to guest blog.  Here we go:

Thanks Biggie for allowing me to write a guest post for, What’s Your Favorite Sandwich.

I have been a subscriber to Nick Evans’ blog, Macheesmo, for some time and every recipe of his that I’ve made has always been a success – and I’m not the best cook in the world. He just published his first full cookbook and it helps you get the most bang for your buck while trying new recipes. Instead of going to the store and spending mad money on groceries to try your new recipes for the week, this book narrows it down to one major cooking endeavor and then provides ways to use the leftovers to create dishes that don’t feel like leftovers. You can have delicious meals without spending a fortune at the store.

Macheesmo makes it easy because Nick isn’t a professional chef, he approaches his recipes simply (with beautiful step by step pictures – so people like me know if I’m doing it wrong early on as opposed to the very end) and tries to make it quick and painless…can you tell I love cooking? Like most people, Nick has a “normal” day job and Macheesmo is his passion – which shows completely in his work. He’s always reachable if you ever have any questions about recipes or cooking in general, but states he “doesn’t bite, unless you’re a sandwich.” So that’s why I’m guest blogging today, I would hate for Biggie Bread to lose his life over a question!

About the Sandwich:

Triple Chipotle Macheesmo

The Triple Chipotle Club Sandwich is Nick’s creation he came up for the Boar’s Head Boldest Bracket Challenge.  It has bacon, chicken breast, gouda, lettuce, onion, avocado, etc.  Click on the sandwich to read more and to make your own.

You can follow Nick of @Macheesmo on twitter, Like on Facebook.  Buy his book: Love Your Leftovers

Thanks again Clara.  You can follow Clara on twitter @FlyAway2Knight.  Let her know how she did a great job.

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