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Lunchbox AllStar

Written by Biggie on June 4, 2013
Lunchbox AllStar T-shirt

I wanted a shirt design that was both iconic and old school, like the sandwich and the lunchbox.  I believe that the sandwich is the King of Meals; some may not agree. However, they can’t deny that the sandwich is the King of Lunch, the All Star of the Lunchbox.  Most lunches would not be complete without a sandwich.

This shirt was an opportunity to work with Jon Ramirez aka Ink Park Co.  I’ve been following and communicating with him for awhile, and he does some really great stuff.  His style compliments and works well with the Deli Fresh Threads brand. Expect to see more Deli Fresh Threads designs from him.

This is a clean and simple design that works well and I’m happy to be able to release it.

Shirt is available now at the virtual Deli Shop.