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For the love of sandwiches

Written by Biggie on January 16, 2013

Ever since I was a kid I’ve been fascinated with sandwiches. I remember eating bologna and ketchup sandwiches with my dad and thinking this is the greatest thing ever.  My favorite day at school was always spaghetti day.  I would take the spaghetti and put it on the bread that came on the side and turn it into a sandwich. I loved that Sandwiches are easy to eat. Needless to say ever since my childhood, most of my meals always end up in one form or another turning into a sandwich.


Since I was in high school, I wanted to develop an idea with a sandwich theme. In college I started a brand, KnightMare Apparel, with some college buddy’s and we would come up with various shirts for my university, The University of Central Florida.  I remember it being a lot of work but it was also some of the best times I ever had. It wasn’t work to me- it was fun and I loved doing it.  I loved coming up with ideas and turning them into a shirt that everyone could enjoy and wear on campus.  It was fun, but it was also ahead of its time. When dealing with college teams, if your team doesn’t play well- people aren’t usually buying new merchandise.  This was before UCF became the 2nd largest university in the country and actually better in sports than back then, but I never forgot how much I enjoyed that time doing KnightMare Apparel.

It’s been a few (ok many) years since college and I’m married and have a beautiful little girl.  I’ve always felt I was still missing something and I missed having that business and having those ideas and then seeing them come to life. I work a full time job that I enjoy but my passion and my creative side is just not in it. I had been searching on what it was that I wanted to do. I found out about Johnny Cupcakes a few years ago and bought a few of his shirts. I went and listened to his lectures and started following other people who were also designing/selling shirts. I loved seeing how many other people were out there in the T-Shirt business, successful with their creative designs.  I missed that and I really took to heart what Johnny Earle said “Do what you love”.  Along the way I started following other brands & reading about their journey.  One of my favorite shirts is SEIBEI’s Dino Make me a Sandwich!






Click on me to go to SEIBEI’s site

This is why I wanted to start something that I love and inspires me.  I figured why not mix the two things I love- T shirts and sandwiches.  I knew I had to do what I love (Didn’t help I was eating a sandwich when I came up with the idea!).  I always look at 2 pieces of bread/cookies/brownie/waffle, etc as a blank canvass (just like a T-shirt) waiting for me to put something in between them and create a Foodgasm! It can be the old faithful friend, ham and cheese or it can be a Chicken & Waffles sandwich.  It’s what you want it to be and what you want to eat. They are compact, portable, the whole meal can be crammed in between 2 pieces of bread all fitting in your hand.  You can make almost anything and everything into a sandwich. The possibilities are endless.

I have created a brand that pays homage to the sandwich, the King of Meals.  The sandwich will be over 250 years old and is consumed by millions.  So why not show it the love that it deserves.

My brand is called Deli Fresh Threads- where everything’s about The Sandwich.