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Loud Silence, What’s your favorite sandwich?

Written by Biggie on December 11, 2013

When words fail music speaks. To some people music is life. One person that believes in making a statement without saying a word is Mario Elizondo of Loud Silence Clothing.

Mario is one of the lead beats that run Loud Silence Clothing. He is located in Jacksonville, FL and has been running Loud Silence since 2011. Music has always been part of his life. He studied music production at Full Sail. He is quite a multitasker, creating music, running recording and engineer studio sessions, as well as trying to run a successful clothing brand.

He is always looking to take Loud Silence and his mascot Kid Silence to new heights for all to see, hear, and share. Mario and I have supported each other through the year and I am excited to see the new items he is bringing to us in 2014. I’m hearing hats, backpacks and more are expected. Next week I believe he is releasing a new shirt “Loud Silence is Golden” at LoudSilence.co.

As someone who started Deli Fresh Threads in January 2013.  I love and value brands that are constantly improving and growing.  In Loud Silence’s case he is making his brand as sweet as his beats.  I read this in an interview Mario did that I really liked and is so true in life and taking a chance on you when starting something new:

“Whatever you want to do whether it’s music or clothing, just start! Start small, fail fast, fail often. Learn from your mistakes. Write every idea down, you will forget most of them I guarantee it. Believe in yourself before anyone else can. One those bad days where you think you’re not going anywhere, remind yourself why you started in the first place.” (:x)

Follow @LoudSilenceClo on twitter, visit his  Facebook and Instagram. Make sure to visit and shop at his site: LoudSilence.co

 Side Item:

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Pastrami Julie

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