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Kitchen Killaz perform my Sandwich Parody song- Grilled Cheesa

Written by Biggie on June 21, 2019
Kitchen Killaz with Biggie wearing a Grilled Cheese t-shirt

Ever notice that when you listen to music you sometimes hear something totally different than what the lyrics actually are.  Like when I hear Ed Sheeran- Shape of You I hear Taste of You (If you didn’t figure it out my brain thinks about Sandwiches ALOT!).

When I heard the song Tequila from Dan + Shay – I heard- Grilled Cheesa.

During a family road trip – my wife humored me and helped me write down our own lyrics for the song as a way to have fun and pass the time.  So when the Kitchen Killaz crashed my Kitchen for their Friday show a few weeks ago (Watch Here) – I told them about my idea and the song parody I wrote and gave it to them.  They looked it over, made some modifications to the original and came up with this… video below.

I was happy to see them perform it on their Weekly Wrap Up Show where I made them- GRILLED CHEESE Sandwiches!  Let’s hope folks like the song and asked them to include it on their playlist when they crash their next Kitchen every Friday!

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Grilled Cheese Sandwich T-shirt looking good and flexing

Pick up your Grilled Cheese!