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Kitchen Killaz, What’s your favorite sandwich?

Written by Biggie on June 20, 2019
Kitchen Killaz perform live on Facebook Live every Friday Night at 9:05a

I learned about the Kitchen Killaz thanks to my friend Nick of To a Certain Degree and Brand Knuckles.  The Kitchen Killaz were guests on Nick’s podcast.  Picture 2 guys that crash peoples kitchens and do an acoustic Facebook Live show consisting of a mix of their original music and covers.  While this is happening, the host cooks up some food in the background.  When I heard this, I knew I needed to know more about them and have them in my kitchen!

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The KitchenKillaz consist of Billy Floyd, and Jay “theCommodore” Stephens – a touring acoustic duo crashing kitchens around the country.

My friend Nick says it best in describing the Kitchen Killaz, “There’s a joy to live music, good food, and a great party. If you drew out a Venn diagram of those three things, the KitchenKillaz would be at the center.”

If you aren’t invited to a friend’s kitchen to see them in person,  you can find them on Facebook Live @ 9:05pm every Friday performing @BillyFloydMusic

The Kitchen Killaz performed and CRASHED my kitchen for a virtual SandwichEatUp event. I made Orange Chicken Subs and Ice Cream Donut sandwiches.  Check it all out here: