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Kellen James, What’s your favorite sandwich?

Written by Biggie on February 19, 2014

I was asked in an interview last year who some of my favorite people to follow on Twitter and I mentioned that @KellenJames was one of my favorites. No the Kellen James I am referring to is not a pro skater. I have actually never had the chance to meet Kellen but I know she worked at Johnny Cupcakes. She was the manager at the Los Angeles store and then later moved across the pond to help Johnny manage the Johnny Cupcakes UK store when it opened a few years back. I have always enjoyed her sense of humor and reading her tweets and Instagram pics. My gnome even got to meet her during my cousins trip to London and paid a visit to the Johnny Cupcakes shop.

Kellen  James UK

Here are some fun facts about Kellen:

  • She is a huge fan of PeeWee Herman
  • She enjoys playing Dodgeball. So much so she’s been in Dodgeball leagues in CA and in the UK and recently played in a Dodgeball tournament in Vegas.
  • She has enough tattoos to have lost count. I’ve asked and she is just not sure anymore.

Thanks to her time working in London she got to meet the man of her dreams and recently got married and moved back to Cali. Kellen Ellis is no longer working at Johnny Cupcakes but is back in California, where she works at Bicycle Coffee in Oakland, CA. Her goal is to help own and operate a Bicycle Coffee in Los Angeles, CA. (Which will happen)

Give @KellenJames a follow on twitter and check out her Tumblr and her Instagram. She just might become one of your twitter follows too. Also if in the Oakland, CA area stop by for a cup of joe at Bicycle Coffee and tell her Biggie sent ya!

Side item/ Update:

It’s great to see a few months after I featured Kellen I told you she and her husband would open a Bicycle Coffee in Los Angeles.  Go check then out and have a coffee and say to Kellen and support another great small business.

Bicycle Coffee
5427 Santa Monca Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90029