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Kayla O’Brien, What’s your favorite sandwich?

Written by Biggie on January 17, 2017
Kayla OBrien_Orlando_Sentinel

I love Orlando, the City Beauty.  I hearing people share their love for Central Florida  as well.   For the past year, I have been watching the video content that Kayla O’Brien does for the Orlando Sentinel.  Kayla is a video blogger and digital storyteller.  I had the chance to meet her on March 2016 when she did a video segment on my monthly #SandwichEatUp Events.  I had a blast working with her at my #SandwichEatUp and watching her film the story.

I love to watch her video blogs because the content varies so much.  She can be seen showcasing and highlighting different events in Orlando such as people doing good for our community Clean the World and fun places to go and see that you may have never heard of (Cat Cafe  or what about a Sugar Sweet themed mansion or even an all white pop up picnic like Le Diner en Blanc.  She will grab rollerblades and ride with Bladress as she goes from Savannah to Miami with no money.

The more I interacted with Kayla, the more I realized she would be a perfect fit to wear and model Deli Fresh Threads.

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I was watching a Facebook Live feed she did about her year and was really impressed in what she had to say.  I discovered that she was not happy in what she was doing prior to her Orlando Sentinel Job.  She decided to  she take a road trip and when she came back to town she made the change to do something she love.   Now everyone gets to watch her documenting the personality of Central Florida.

Check out more of Kayla’s videos HERE

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