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Karan Soni, What’s your favorite sandwich?

Written by Biggie on January 14, 2015
Karan Soni from ATT commericals

Not many of us watch commercials when we watch TV anymore. It usually has to be a live show or maybe an ad online. I do enjoy a good commercial every once in a while. Yes I know I’m weird! I make shirts inspired by sandwiches- so you know this already!

Lately my favorite series of commercials is from AT&T. You know, Frank and Charlie, the “Network Guys”. They are the 2 AT&T techs that keep trying to improve AT&T’s wireless coverage.

One of the techs is Karan Soni, he just makes me laugh every time I see the commercials.

I saw that he was in a movie called Safety not Guaranteed with Aubrey Plaza and Nick Johnson. Make sure to check him out in the remake of Goosebumps this year.

You can follow him on twitter and on instagram.

Check out the preview to Safety not Guaranteed

These are some of my favorite commercials Karan is in.