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Justin Warner, What’s your favorite sandwich?

Written by Biggie on March 27, 2013
Justin Warner has a book called The Laws of Cooking

As I mentioned before I enjoy watching cooking shows. I watched Food Network Star and one of my favorite contestants on season 8 was Justin Warner (I also loved Emily Ellen).  I liked Justin because he was different and fun and he made me want to try new ingredients or maybe use them in a different way.  He’s a rebel with a pan.

Justin owned a restaurant in NY called Do or Dine, where he has been concocting and going mad scientist on food.  He won Food Network Star and had his own Food Network Show, Rebel Eats, where everyone will see food through his eyes.

Justin brings up a great point with his favorite sandwich.  Everyone has their own opinion and everyone has a personal favorite.  Justin’s favorite, the Reuben, is one of those sandwiches.  Everyone feels strongly about who makes the best one.  But in the end, all that matters is that you like and you enjoy it.

Thanks to the power of twitter.  I have had the chance to communicate with Justin and tell him about my brand and how I enjoy how he looks at food.  Similar to Alton Brown.  He liked my brand and I am happy to say he is one of the many great Sandwich Eaters that rocks Deli Fresh Threads.

Theo Wargo picture of Justin Warner wearing Deli Fresh Threads Pastrami on Rye Shirt at NYCWFF

Justin at Food Network’s NYCWFF

Go and follow Justin on twitter: @EatFellowHumans and make sure to pick up a copy of his new book Justin Warner: The Laws of Cooking: And How to Break Them.  




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