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Justin Peterson, What’s Your Favorite Sandwich?

Written by Biggie on January 31, 2017
Justin Peterson _designer

I used to collect comic books as a kid.  I loved them everything about them.  I read mostly Marvel comics from Spiderman to the Avengers, etc, but I was also a big Batman Fan!  Although I don’t read too many comics anymore, I do love watching the super hero shows and movies.

I follow many designers and illustrators on Instagram, and I recently came across some artwork from a local artist named Justin Peterson and loved what he was doing.  The more I looked at his work – the more I loved what he was creating.  I found out that he did the amazing murals in many of the Tijuana Flats restaurants around the country. He has been traveling to various Tijuana Flats working on their stores murals for the past 9 years and has created over 90 murals.

I started following him on Instagram@JustinPeterson and then I bought the comic book series he created, wrote and drew- Very Near Mint and a few of his prints.  I have a been a big fan since.

Ok so a little bit more about Justin.  He is currently an Art Director at 23 Restaurant Services, as well has been doing art work for MAD Magazine since 2014.  He is also a big Marlin’s baseball fan.

Thanks to Justin, he got me going into local comic book stores and finding more local artists that are creating their own comic books and wanting to support them.  I am a big fan of his Very Near Mint series. So much so that I let a comic book store owner borrow my series in hopes they would sell his comic locally at his store.

I may have also tweeted him a bit while reading the series.  If you have read it – tell me it would not make for a great movie having Jake Johnson and Damon Wayne Jr playing the two lead roles of Collin and Sam.

One of Justin’s newest comics is The Hot Dogger– a super hero who who dresses up like a hot dog! (Before you go ahead and ask me- NO a HotDog is NOT a sandwich!) I asked Justin the same question and he is in agreement: A Hot Dog is NOT A Sandwich!

I want to work with Justin this year on designing a shirt with him- what do you think it should be? Let Justin and I know.

Check out @JustinPeterson on twitter, Instagram and check out his online shop.