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Jonathan Kite, What’s your favorite sandwich?

Written by Biggie on May 14, 2014
Jonathan Kite from 2 Broke Girls and whats your favorite sandwich

Life keeps me busy and I don’t really have much time for 1 hour TV shows. My wife and I can keep up with good half hour comedy shows, or 22 minutes on the DVR. 2 Broke Girls on CBS is one of our favorites. The show has some down and dirty humor without crossing the line! In case you are not familiar with the show, 2 Broke Girls is a show about “Two young women waitressing at a greasy spoon diner strike up an unlikely friendship in the hopes of launching a successful business – if only they can raise the cash.” (imdb

The cast of 2 Broke Girls works so well together. The writing is very quick and witty. You have to be prepared with who will say the one liner to get you rolling with laughter.

A character you always know you will get great one liners from is Oleg, the Williamsburg Diner Chef. Oleg is played by the very funny Jonathan Kite.

Jonathan is from Chicago where he studied Theater Acting and also performed improv with Second City. He has a great skill where he can impersonate many actors. Some of his favorites are Tom Hanks and Vince Vaughn.

Jonathan is so good at using accents that the crew from 2 Broke Girls actually thought he really had a Russian/Croatian accent when they first started doing the show.

When I was reading more about Jonathan I found out the he was actually a fry cook in college (same as Oleg).  He decided why not work at the place he was always eating and spending money at. He is also currently writing a movie called “The Walk On”.

2 questions I read that Jonathan was asked by TheNervousBreakdown.com that I liked his responses: 

What would you say to yourself if you could go back in time and have a conversation with yourself at age thirteen?

Keep your pace but be patient. And never settle.

What is the best advice you’ve ever given to someone else?

Trust in yourself and you can learn something from anything.

Want to see some of Jonathan’s impressions?

Make sure to follow @JBKite on twitter and follow him on Instagram and catch him on 2 Broke Girls on CBS.